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A Tribute to Canada – By Minu Bhatia

The talented and passionate RED Geet Mala Host Minu Bhatia, crocheted a 20 x 40 foot Canadian Flag (800 Square Feet) that weighs approximately 132 Pounds.

RED FM & Minu Bhatia would like to extend an open invitation to all the residents of Calgary to the Flag display event, on Friday August 31st from 11 am to 4 pm at Prairie Winds Park. Get your pictures taken with this huge Canadian Flag! Please join us and celebrate this great tribute by Minu Bhatia to our lovely Country Canada.

Here is a link to a story by Global News earlier last month.


Crochet Canadian Flag

About the Flag:

This is a 20’ high x 40’ wide crochet Flag. It weighs approximately 132 pounds and was created 2017-2018. Originally intended to be revealed on Canada Day 2018, the flag was not completed until just shortly after.

About the Artist:

Minu Bhatia was born and raised in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state, she did her masters in Human Development at Jammu University. She grew up as a child in ‘Mini India’, where Cultural diversity was in the air. Her parents always taught her to respect all the cultures, while keeping faith in our own.

She came to Canada in 2010 with her husband and 3 years old daughter. Minu & her family went through the typical challenges an immigrant family endures,
but eventually found their feet in their newly adopted country. By 2015 Minu & her family acquired Canadian Citizenship, then in 2016 were blessed with a baby boy.

While she was excited to welcome her new bundle of joy into the family, she missed her extended family members, left behind in India. However, the experience of giving birth at the Rocky View Hospital made her truly realize the abundance of love, comfort and warmth the people of Canada possess. Her stay at the hospital and the level of care she received greatly multiplied her gratitude towards the country.

To show her appreciation and pay a tribute to the spirit of Canada, she wanted to make a craft for children for Canada Day. That’s where the idea of crocheting a maple leaf flag surfaced.
Although she had never done anything of this scale before, her background in crocheting gave her the confidence to pursue this project.

“This flag is a tribute to the country, where diverse groups of people can enrich their lives and of those around them. This is dedicated to a nation where we can expand our horizons, carve a better future and realize our dreams.”