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Bal E Lasara


Born and raised in Lasara village, Jalandhar, Punjab and now resides in Ontario.Canada. Passionate about singing since his childhood and came into the public limelight with his breakthrough track “Sutta Peya Shear,” followed by hits like “Tour Punjabiyan Di,” “Teri Dolli Te,” “Larkare Gonj De,” Desi Desi with Joti Dhillon, many others like “Brown Sugar”

Bal-e Lasara is coming back this year with one of the the most awaited single track.


Hip Hop Artist

BattleKATT (aka I.AM.IT.) originally known as K.A.T.T. (Kamakazee Asian Track Terrorist) has been making his presence felt in the underground Hip Hop scene for some time and is now taking his talent to the next level. This Asian MC has dedicated his time to the studio working on collaborations.

Bob Mann


Bob Mann has gone through many stages in his music career. After launching his solo singing and production career in 2006 with the release of Illicit Substance, and exploring the musical scene, Bob has put his focus on his career as a bhangra artist.

Daksh Kubba

Daksh is a South Asian Canadian singer-songwriter, musician and dancer who’s performed at many multicultural platforms including 2010 Winter Olympics. He’s also the lead singer and composer for the band naQsh IPB.

Darshan Khella

Punjabi Singer from Calgary, Alberta

Dave Bawa

Debi Makhsoospuri

Vocalist  / Song Writer

Makhsoospuri has been writing since he was 20 years old he started his career when he began writing for Kuldeep Manak.  He became known as a writer and poet and he wrote for artists such as Sardool Sikander, Hans Raj Hans, Manmohan Waris and Kamal Heer.

Deep Jandu

Punjabi Vocalist/Music Director

Deep Jandu, also known as the Canadian Phenom is a Canadian born Punjabi vocalist that continues to break new grounds and set new standards in the music industry with his hard hitting voice; traditional and a touch of urban.

Born in Montreal Canada, at just the age of 14 as Deep would be performing with a local bhangra team and developed a passion to be singing shers and boliyan. As each day passed with practices and rehearsals with the team, Deeps desire to further pursue singing began to flourish. Deep began to learn professionally from Ustad Jagdish Singh.

Delhi 2 Dublin

Fusion Band

The five members of the band Delhi 2 Dublin come from different backgrounds and musical influences. A live collaboration put together in 2006 as a one off performance piece for a club night was so well received that requests for additional performances lead to the official formation of Delhi 2 Dublin.  Delhi 2 Dublin has released an album titled Planet Electric. This band is known to play in major festivals in Canada and the US.

DJ Emenes (MiB RoadShow)

DJ / Music Producer / Radio Host / Remix Artist

A simple creative fusion of his initials “M” and “S”, gives you EMENES.  Nurturing a wide range of dj styles, EMENES is a skilled veteran DJ, music producer and radio host hailing from the Canadian West Coast. As a proven blend of talent, passion and experience, he is prisoner to no one genre of music. Having fine-tuned his skill set to uniquely highlight his South Asian roots, EMENES is all about creating a global fusion through producing and mixing uplifting dance music. Having found and continuing to be an active member of MiB (Mundey In Black), EMENES continues to be a pioneer in fusion music production.

Alongside with Dj Super Singh, together they perform as the electrifying duo known to all as the “MiB RoadShow.” MiB, best known since its inception in the 90’s with their debut mix CD “Mundey In Black,” has become an iconic household name. As pioneers in the South Asian music scene, MiB has been recognized by the Museum of Vancouver as being responsible for opening the floodgates for other remix artists. To date, they continue to be the longest running South Asian DJ Roadshow in Western Canada.


Vocalist / Composer

HMD originally started out as a DJ in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and created a niche for himself through the release of several underground remix albums. Always a pioneer, HMD found instant success when his first album “Nasha 2000″ spread like wildfire on social music networks like Napster and MSN. This pioneering album fused folk Punjabi vocals with hard hitting “West Coast” beats, setting off a frenzy of demand for a whole new genre of music.

DJ Sanj

DJ SANJ’s career in the music industry started while living in Toronto, Canada. In his early days, he produced several hit Desi mix tapes and over the past decade, has escalated from a local DJ to International Superstar. DJ SANJ is the only producer to have multiple production deals with Bollywood Giant Eros Entertainment, Universal India and UK’s Largest Brit Asian Record Label MovieBox.

DJ Super Singh (MiB RoadShow)

DJ / Radio Host

DJ Super Singh, is a skilled DJ and radio host hailing from the Canadian West Coast. Sometimes referred to as the “mini-Tiesto” by his colleagues, he demonstrates an explosive style mixing across multi-genres. His experience and skilled ability to read the crowd has proven him to be a talent that continues to energize the many dance floors he rocks. As an active member of MiB (Mundey In Black), his goal is to continue to enrich and strengthen the South Asian music scene

Alongside with Dj EMENES, together they perform as the electrifying duo known to all as the “MiB RoadShow.” MiB, best known since its inception in the 90’s with their debut mix CD “Mundey In Black,” has become an iconic household name. As pioneers in the South Asian music scene, MiB has been recognized by the Museum of Vancouver as being responsible for opening the floodgates for other remix artists. To date, they continue to be the longest running South Asian DJ Roadshow in Western Canada.

En Karma

Punjabi Bhangra Band

Formed in 2006, En Karma began as group of friends who came together with one mutual goal in mind: to create music that people would love dancing to, as much as the band loved playing it. En Karma is North America’s preeminent Bhangra band and their combined musical pedigree traverses experiences with the top bands of the 80s Bhangra movement in the UK, the oldest folk Bhangra institutions in Canada, and a little bit of indie-rock sensibility thrown in for good measure.

Gary Hothi

Punjabi Singer

Born and raised in Punjab, Gary has always had a passion for Punjabi music and dance.  His music is culled from his favorites of Western and Indian instruments. He describes the music as the lively beat of western instruments with the closeness to the earthy flavors of home.

Geeta Zaildar

Punjabi singer, lyricist, and actor

Geeta Zaildar started his career with his album ‘Dil Di Rani’. Some of his hit albums are ‘Nain’,’Kamlee Hoyee’,’Close 2 Me’,’Billo Nach Nach Ke’. His single collaborations with other artists have been massive hits such as ‘Goriye’ in Aman Hayers album ‘The Entourage’,’Dil Mangeya’ ,’Crazy Jatt’ Or ‘Jawani’. In his career of acting he debuted in a Punjabi film Pinky Moge Wali with a supporting role. He also starred in the hit film ‘Viyah 70km’ and his upcoming movie ‘Yarrana’ is due for release later in 2014. Geeta has recently released his first religious album ‘Gurmukh Piyario’ which was a completely new venture.

Gill Hardeep

Indian singer, songwriter, choreographer, and actor.

Gill Hardeep is considered one of the most notable figures in the world of Punjabi music. He was born in kokri kalan  village of the Indian state of Punjab and gained national attention in 1994 with the song “Jatta ne Peni Daru.” Since then, he has gone on to record over 20 albums and has written lots of songs as well. In 1998 he announced the launch of his New album Jatt riskey after whisk , in that album he tried to make a wish on behalf of every punjabi peopels in his superhit song ” Kari kite mel rabba delhi te lahore da ” . This was time he started the journey of winning awards as Nobel man for tried to make friendship between India and Pakistan.

Gippy Grewal

Punjabi Vocalist

With a hotel management degree under his belt, ruling the charts of Punjabi music is something highly unlikely to foresee for anyone. However, it was exactly the dream Gippy Grewal had nurtured since childhood.

Since his inception in the music world of Punjabi pop, Gippy has carefully developed a diverse and successful music career scoring a hit with ‘Chak Lai’, his very first album. A great performer and singer, the power of sensitivity and credibility come naturally to Gippy Grewal. His albums reflect his very own unique style and are a great blend of ‘Punjabiyat’ with the latest pop.

Gogi Bains

Punjabi singer / Songwriter

Gursewak Mann

Gursewak Maan is the artist who is always considered, when we talk about the Punjabi Songs and review who touches the heart and makes everyone dance. Gursewak Maan is One the leading singer, actor and performer of Punjabi music today,r eceiving his education in canada, working with the fascinating  Airline Industry as a Pilot and  settled in one of the most best countries in the world, Canada, he then migrated to India because his passion lies in  his music.

Gurteshwar Singh Grewal


Song: Dil Dang Di

Harbhajan Mann

Punjabi singer / Songwriter / actor

Harbhajan Mann is a Punjabi singer and actor who established himself with his unique singing style and presenting super hit albums. HM began singing in 1981 as an amateur performing locally for the South Asian community while still in school in Canada. His professional break came in 1992 with his album “Chitiye Nee Chitiye” which became a hit with record breaking sales across the word. Thereafter his career began and he is now one of the most famous and successful Punjabi artists.

Harpreet Dhillon

Singer / Performer


Jagroop Bapla / Roop Bapla

Album: Nakhra

Jazzy B

Singer / Performer

Jaswinder Singh Bains, more popularly known as Jazzy B or “Jajjy B”, a.k.a. “Crown Prince of Bhangra”, is a Punjabi language Bhangra singer-songwriter. He was born on April 1, 1975 in Durgapur, Nawanshahr, Punjab, India. When he was 4 years old, his family moved to Vancouver, Canada. He is a huge fan of legendary Punjabi singer Kuldip Manak. He has released 17 studio albums, including two religious ones. He has collaborated on many tracks and one soundtrack.


Based in Canada, JoSH has received international acclaim after releasing 4 chart-topping albums. Comprised of members, Rup & Q, JoSH has been producing, writing, and singing hit songs for over a decade and have performed in over 25 countries. Their different influences and unique ideas blend to give JoSH’s music that fresh sound which you can hear in every single song.

Juggy Jag / Jugpreet Bajwa

Singer / Performer

His melodious voice combined with classical music and ragas has captured the hearts of many, and he can sing in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English.

He is a Classical trained singer and can sing Classical, Ghazals, Bhajans, Folk, Bhangra, Hindi Film Songs, the latest Rock and Hip Hop.

He first performed at the age of six; since then he has performed in more than 350 stage shows. Last year he had his own exclusive sold out concert in Vancouver.

Kamal Heer

Vocalist / Performer

A versatile artist and performer.  He comes from a family of musical talent being youngest brother to Manmohan Waris (a well known Punjabi singer) and Sangtar (a well known music composer).  Kamal Heer is a versatile artist, music composer and performer. He is known for his instant hits and his unique live performances.

Kiran Ahluwalia

Vocalist / Songwriter

Expressing her muse through ghazals and Punjabi folk songs, Kiran Ahluwalia explores the language of the heart with beautiful artistry and smoldering intensity. Born in India, raised in Canada, and now living in New York City, her enchanting and seductive music has garnered glowing praise from critics around the world.

KS Makhan

Vocalist / Performer / Actor

He’s been singing for as long as he can remember. When his Kabbadi team was on the road in Punjab, they’d sit around to hear him sing. But it wasn’t until 1993 that KS Makhan got his big break.

It all started at a mela in Punjab. Every year, the biggest names in Bhangra would perform at the annual festival, and KS Makhan was the opening act. He was to perform only a couple of songs. But, when the headliner didn’t show, KS Makhan got his chance.

Kulwinder Dhanoa

Vocalist / Performer

Luv Randhawa

Singer / Entertainer

Undoubtedly, a true game changer / game maker in the Bhangra Scene in North America. Luv Randhawa exemplifies what a true entertainer should stand for. Luv is the one of the true pioneer of the Bhangra Fusion Movement in the Western Hemisphere. With 10 years plus of tap feet, hands in the air pumping tracks. 3 singles from his solo album “This Side of Luv” all went to #1 on the World Itunes Music Charts on the initial release date.

Maninder Shinda

Singer / Performer

Manj Ral (RDB)

Singer / Composer

Manmohan Waris

Vocalist / Performer

Manmohan Waris is one of the top Punjabi singers in the world. He has been around for almost 13 years now. Since he released his first album “Gairan Naal Peenghan Jhootdeye’ in 1993, he has never looked back. Punjabis around the world love him and he feels the pressure of not letting them down. His humbleness and sincerity has won many hearts. His voice is considered one of the sweetest around and his songs attest to his passion for clean and literary lyrics

Manraj Hassan

Vocalist / Performer

Nindy Kaur (RDB)



Vocalist / Songwriter / Performer

10 years of contributing to the underground Bollywood and Urban music scenes as one of the major producers of Desi Urban music in Canada, Parichay has created a sound that is unique to today’s generation, combining a touch of Hindi Classical and Pop music with mainstream Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae, House and Dancehall.

Prita Chhabra

Singer / Songwriter

Love of Music

For Prita, music is something comfortable and natural. Writing and performing are spiritual experiences; almost as though a muse speaks through her. Music has always had a hold over Prita, and to deny her ambition would be to deny herself. Music is the blood which runs through her veins and leaves her feeling like she’s lived her life…fulfilled.


Singer / Songwriter

He has indeed been a ‘well kept secret’ but that depends a great deal on where you were living.

If you had been living in London, England, you would know Raghav sold an impressive 1.3 million copies of his debut CD Storyteller. You would also know that he won a MOBO Award for Best Collaboration and two UK Asian Music Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Single. In 2005 he also won an Urban Music Award for Best Chart Act.

If you had been living in India you would know that Storyteller was the 6th best selling international album of all time for the Indian Territory. You would also be familiar with his sophomore CD, Identity; would know that he had a #3 charted single and that he had won a Southern Asian Music Award for Best Artist, and an Asian Achievers Award.

Raju Bhandal

Singer / Producer

Raju Bhandal is an upcoming singer who lives in Surrey, B.C. He was born in the village of Mahonpur in Punjab and immigrated to Canada in 1994. He is well known for his famous album Saturday Night. He sings in a wide array of styles ranging from Bhangra to Sad songs. He is also a music producer and was the Director of Photography in his own music videos.

Raminder Bhuller


Raminder Bhuller has taken along and fruitful journey throught the Punjabi folk, Bhangra and filmi landscape with numerous hit tracks and a number of successful releases. It started in the 1980’s when he arrived in Canada and became apart of the local Punjabi culture scene by being involved in Bhangra groups doing Bollia.

Ranjodh Hayer

Singer / Performer

Album: Peterbilt – King of the Road


Singer / Songwriter

Born in a small city called Sebha in Libya, the heart of the Sahara desert. At the age of 10, his family were forced to migrate to Canada due to the country’s educational limits. At the age of 12, Roach was introduced to the life of urban music and from the first sounds of reggae, he fell in love with the culture, which inspired him to master and become a reggae artist.

RS Chauhan


Rukpal Grewal

Sarbjit Cheema

Singer / Performer

Sarbjit Cheema was born on June 14 at village Cheema Kalan Jalandhar. He is the youngest of the three siblings. From childhood Cheema was fond of village games like Kabaddi Hockey Football Athletics High jump and long jump. In his childhood he used to sing at family functions. He took his elementary education from his village and completed his matriculation from G.H.S. Nurmahal. At school Cheema was the captain of school hockey team. For higher studies Cheema joined Lyallpur khalsa College Jalandhar.

Sasha / Reecha Tirupati

Singer / Songwriter / Performer

Sharan Kaur

Shivangi Bhayana

Born and brought up in the breathtaking city of Vancouver, Canada, Shivangi knew right from the start that her destiny lay within the field of music. She began her musical venture at the tender age of four and has since done over hundreds of stage shows across Canada, USA, and India. She has been covered by leading TV Channels (National and Local), by Radio Stations running throughout all of North America), and by local and international newspapers including Indo-Canadian Magazines. She has won many singing competitions and is a well known face in the entertainment field.

Simar Sidhu

Simar Sidhu (Harsimran) – Hometown Mohali (punjab) currently calgary . Started my career as a singer/writer from song LADLA , 25AAN DE PHUL and now MANG PATTAR (DEMAND LETTER) . My father and mother both are writers too. I am Commited to provide good class of social and commercial songs to the punjabi community.

Soni Pabla (Late)

Singer / Performer

Sukhdev Darapuria


Sukhdev Sukha

Sukhdev Sukha is a well known Punjabi Pop Singer. He is well known for his melodious songs.  There are currently 3 albums available in the market. One of his hit album is Court Case.

Sukhi Walia

Sukhi Walia is a young Canadian/Punjabi singer and beat boxing talent, hailing from Vancouver BC. The anticipated release of Sukhi’s first single, produced by Sunny Brown of Culture Shock, will reach audiences later this summer. Sukhi’s recent debut performance in June, 2010, was along side highly prolific artists RDB and Nindi Kaur, Luv, A-slam, and Laddi, to name a few.

Sukhjit Khaira


Albums: Pipli Peenghan / Nasha / Mukhre



Sukhraj was born in a small pind in India, called Nichi Mangli. It was there that he was discovered, singing amongst his friends, fellow classmates, and for a bhangra team that he had put together. His teachers liked his vocal abilities so much that they used to get him to sing in front of the class as a treat when everyone’s school work was completed for the day.

The PropheC

Singer / Composer

A good entertainer is conscious of his image – a good man is conscious of his roots.

Urban Desi performer The PropheC writes, produces and sings his own songs in Punjabi. He works with only one goal in mind – to create music which resonates with people’s hearts. It is his firm belief that all music should be made with 100% emotion. Popular fads come and go, but music that makes you feel will last forever.