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This Diwali RED FM is giving you a chance to win a brand new iPhone X

It’s Contest time!! Red FM is proud to present the “iDiwali Contest” to you this Diwali!

Participate and you could win a brand new iphone X!

Listen for the “cue to call” throughout the day from Oct 10-19. When you hear it, call 403-286-1067 for a chance to enter the contest!

Our computer will randomly choose 1 caller who will have 2 options:

  • Automatically enter the contest once.
  • Answer a trivia question, if you can correctly say the answer within 10 seconds, your name will be entered into the draw 5 times!

The Grand Prize draw will be held on Thursday, October 19 during Zabardast Hits.


Contest Rules and Details:

  • The Contest will be held from Oct 10-19, 2017
  • RED FM will play the contest “cue to call” randomly throughout the day to inform listeners when it’s time to play the contest.
  • Only the caller who’s randomly chosen by the computer will get a chance to play the contest.
  • The RED FM host will then give the caller the option to either get their name entered into the contest once or answer a simple question, and if answered correctly, their name will be entered 5 times.
  • *If option 2 is requested and the caller cannot answer the trivia question correctly within 10 seconds, they will not have their name entered into the draw.
  • Participants may only qualify to enter their name into the contest one time.
  • The Grand Prize draw will take place on October 19 during Zabardast Hits.
  • Prizes are not negotiable.
  • Those contestants found entering their name on more than one occasion will have their name disqualified.
  • Grand Prize winner must provide government photo identification when collecting prize. No exceptions will be made.
  • The date to collect the grand prize will depend on the availability of iphoneX.
  • RED FM reserves the right to use contestant’s names, images and recorded media in any format for our own purposes indefinitely.
  • RED FM is not responsible for any technical problems incurred during the course of the contest by the contestant, RED FM, sponsors or any participants.
  • Contest rules may be subject to change at any time exclusively by RED FM.