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Good Morning Calgary, weekdays 8-11 AM with Rishi Nagar

Keep up on what’s happening in Calgary and around the world!

RED FM is proud to present “Good Morning Calgary”, weekdays 8-11 AM with Rishi Nagar.

We recently had an opportunity to ask Good Morning Calgary host, Rishi a few questions about his show.


Could you tell what we can expect in Good Morning Calgary?

Good Morning Calgary is a daily talk show that promotes and highlights the people, events and everything else in the City of Calgary.  Although we primarily focus on local issues, we also discuss national and international subjects that are relevant on any given day.  Basically, the show is broken down into different sections:

 The Current Affairs: Local, provincial, national and international detailed analysis and discussion of current and ongoing news as it develops.

Editorials: A news item of prominence, or a news item that affects a larger population in general, is taken up, deeply and analytically discussed; in some cases, the host will share his personal point of view as well.

Short Interviews: introduces persons of repute in different areas.

News from India: Every day, a reporter from India briefs listeners with current National Politics of Punjab, India.

Detailed Interviews: Politicians, academicians, sportspersons, entrepreneurs, students, doctors, Social Scientists all regularly take time out of their busy schedules to speak about a wide variety of topics on-air.

Open Talk Show: On a given topic of the people’s interest, listeners often participate in our discussions. Phone lines are open to the public, and anybody may call in to express and share their views.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was serving as a Lecturer in English Literature and as Principal of a college in Punjab then switched my career to Journalism.

I moved to Canada in 2009 as a landed immigrant and joined the South Asian Broadcasting Corp; Red FM 93.1 in Surrey, BC as a News Broadcaster and Host. Opportunity arose and I was transferred to Calgary in 2013 as News Director and Host of the ‘Good Morning Calgary’.

Now, I’ve been appointed as a Senator, University of Calgary with effect from July 1, 2018 for 3 consecutive years.


What would you like to accomplish as a broadcaster?

My aim is to raise awareness among the South Asian community about prominent issues, as I am dedicated to this cause.