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MADE IN CANADA – Canadian South Asian Recording Artists Celebrated as One Collective

Symbolically released as a Canada Day 2018 special, the one hour long “ MADE IN CANADA ” mixtape is literal in its name. DJ EMENES, MIB and Jazzy B celebrate Canadian South Asian recording artists in this first ever mixtape that features just Canadian South Asian recording artists. MADE IN CANADA takes you on a musical journey featuring a wide spectrum of punjabi, hindi and english vocals, some dating back to the 80’s to what is popular now. In total 90 songs are seamlessly mixed together featuring 71 artists to give you a diverse sampling of how truly talented the Canadian South Asian music landscape is.

The inaugural episode of MADE IN CANADA is hosted by Jazzy B, an iconic Canadian talent and a legendary Punjabi recording artist who is hailed as the ‘Crown Prince of Bhangra.’ Jazzy B is the first South Asian recording artist induced to the BC Hall of Entertainment Fame having earned his own unique star on Vancouver’s Granville Street.

MADE IN CANADA is FREE to stream, watch, and/or downloaded from the following links:



When asked why? “Because we are DJs. As DJs we are a platform responsible to break new music and promote artists in the scene. We do our best to promote as many Canadian artists we can on our weekly radio show… MADE IN CANADA is just an extension of what we do .” ~ MIB

“The Canadian South Asian music scene maybe separated East to West by a large land mass, but our vision is to represent everyone as one collective. ” ~ DJ EMENES

This undertaking was conceptualized, produced and mixed by Dj Emenes and MIB. This historic production is the unique merger of MIB’s ongoing podcast series called “The Mixtape” and the
Canadian artists dj sets MIB mixes live on the RE{D}MIX. The RE{D}MIX is MIB’s weekly radio show that airs every Friday night on RED 93.1FM from 730PM to 10PM (PST).

MIB, commonly known as the MiB Roadshow, is the electrifying duo of DJ Emenes and DJ Super Singh. Originally known as the Mundey In Black, they are pioneers in the Canadian
Bhangra scene. Since the late 90’s they have made significant contributions such as breaking the re-mix of Indian songs with popular mainstream and hip hop songs. Also at the turn of the
century, they introduced the presence of DJing on the mainstage at South Asian weddings on the Canadian West Coast. In 2011 they were recognized by the Museum of Vancouver for their
contribution to the Canadian Bhangra industry.

You can support the movement by following MIB on their social handles…
Instagram: @mibroadshow / @djemenes / @djsupersingh
Twitter: @mibroadshow / @djemenes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mibroadshow/

Below is a summary of the track listing and the artists featured. For more info, please email info@mibroadshow.com


1. Chak De Boliyan – Jazzy B
2. Hoopeh – KS Makhan
3. Londono Patola – Jazzy B
4. Nasha – Gippy Grewal
5. Gallan – Manj Musik
6. Oye Hoye – Harbhajan Maan
7. Habitaan Vigaad Di – Parichay
8. Hayat – Kiran Ahluwalia
9. Angel Eyes – Raghav
10. Karlo Ashian (Refix) – Luv Randhawa, Battle Katt, Intense
11. Gidha – Sukhdev Sukha
12. Voodoo-Selekta – Delhi 2 Dublin
13. Heer Kuri – Binder Bajwa
14. Aaja Bhabi – Manmohan Warris
15. So High (Uchian Gallan) – Sidhu Moose Wala, Byg Byrd
16. Lahore – Gippy Grewal, Roach Killa
17. Heartbeat – Geeta Zaildar, Roach Killa
18. Mahi Ve – Josh
19. Kabhi Kabhi – Dal Hothi
20. Boli Paunee Aa – Soni Pabla
21. She Kills (Remix) – En Karma, Sanjay Seran
22. Can’t Get Enough – Raghav
23. Diamond Koka – GS Hundal, Intense
24. Don’t Stop – Dave Bawa
25. Dil Vich – Jugpreet Bajwa, Nick Chowlia
26. Tera Bina – Gagan Sharma, The PropheC, Manni Sekhon
27. Nakhra Nawabi – Zora Randhawa, Fateh
28. Vibe – The PropheC
29. Chal Mere Naal – The PropheC
30. Oh Girl – Roach Killa
31. Main Hoon Saath Tere – Shivangi Bhayana
32. Town – Preet Mani, Nav Sarao, MC JD
33. Run This City (Ra Ra) – Roach Killa, Blitzkrieg
34. Khangya – Jazzy B, Gippy Grewal
35. String Is Still King – HMD, Battle Katt
36. Unglee Te Ramaal – KS Makhan
37. Kachiyan Khunda – KS Makhan
38. Chitte Suit Te – Geeta Zaildar
39. Kanthay Vala – Kamal Heer
40. Good Morning – RS Chauhan
41. Dhol Te – Luv Randhawa, Inder Kooner, Raju Johal, Gagan Sharma
42. Seeti – Geeta Zaildar
43. Rangla Punjab – Sarbjit Cheema
44. Nachiye Majanay – Manmohan Warris
45. Gidha Har Giya (Kurti Lal) – Harbajan Mann
46. Koka – Kamal Heer
47. 22DA – Zora Randhawa, Fateh
48. Gabroo Top Da – KS Makhan
49. 2 Seater – Nindy Kaur
50. My Love (Saajan Mix) – MIB, Sonu, Rosette Sharma
51. Affair – Elly Mangat, MC JD
52. Game – Elly Mangat, Deep Jandu, Gangis Khan
53. Dil Tora – Dave Bawa
54. Pyaar Hai – Sukhi Walia, EV
55. Mustt – Kiran Ahluwalia
56. Ghat Boldi – Gippy Grewal
57. Myself – Nav
58. Bamb Gaana – Jazzy B, Fateh, Harj Nagra
59. Inch – Zora Randhawa, Fateh
60. Nach Goriye – Juggie Hundal, Randy J
61. Billo Nach – Geeta Zaildar
62. Pind Mitran De Aiye – KS Kooner
63. Angreji Beat – Gippy Grewal
64. Turn Up The Stereo – Delhi 2 Dublin
65. Teri Toor (Tera Mera Pyar) – Lomaticc, Sunny Brown, Baba Khan
66. Sadi Gali (Remix) – Nindy Kaur
67. Take You Home (Mera Dil Nahin Lagda) – Culture Shock, Sunny Brown
68. I Wanna Tera Ishq – Shivangi Bhayana
69. Be With Me – Dave Bawa
70. Nachne Nu Kare – GS Hundal, Intense
71. Dil Tera – Deep Jandu, Gangis Khan
72. Na Ja – Sukhi Walia
73. Fire – Rosette Sharma
74. Gal Dil Di – Soni Pabla, Joti Dhillon
75. Mausam – Josh
76. You And I – Anjulie
77. Merry Go Round – Luv Randhawa, Emenes
78. Amnesia – Rosette Sharma
79. Naina – The PropheC
80. Jogi – Kirti Arneja
81. Bhangra Pa Laiye – Gippy Grewal
82. Rashemi Gararai Wali Ai – MIB, Jassi
83. Lummi – Bob Mann
84. Crushed – Rosette Sharma
85. In Words – Raju Johal
86. Taur – The PropheC
87. Rumors – The PropheC, Fateh, Jus Reign
88. Ik Gal – Sunny Brown
89. Jaanti Hoon – Shivangi Bhayana
90. Kyon – Deep Jandu, Roach Killa, Harj Nagra


Anjulie, Baba Khan, Battle Katt, Binder Bajwa, Blitzkrieg, Bob Mann, Byg Byrd, Culture Shock, Dal Hothi, Dave Bawa, Deep Jandu , Delhi To Dublin, DJ Super Singh, EV, Elly Mangat, Emenes, En Karma, Fateh, Gagan Sharma, Gangis Khan, Geeta Zaildar, Gippy Grewal, GS Hundal, Harbhajan Mann, Harj Nagra, HMD, Inder Kooner, Intense, Jassi, Jazzy B, Josh, Joti Dhillon, Juggie Hundal, Jugpreet Bajwa, Jus Reign, Kamal Heer, Kiran Ahluwalia, Kirti Arneja, KS Kooner, KS Makhan, Lomatic, Luv Randhawa, Manj Musik, Manmohan Warris, Manni Sekhon, MC JD, MIB, Nav, Nav Sarao, Nick Chowlia, Nindy Kaur, Parichay, Preet Mani, Raghav, Raju Johal, Randy J, Roach Killa, Rosette Sharma, RS Chauhan, Sanjay Seran, Sarbjit Cheema, Shivangi Bhayana, Sidhu Moose Wala, Soni Pabla, Sonu, Sukhdev Sukha, Sukhi Walia, Sunny Brown, The PropheC, Zora Randhawa