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The new single ‘Addi’ is set to release on November 27th

Hitman Music presents ‘Addi’, the debut release from the newly formed record label. ‘Addi’ marks the launch of Hitman Music with Toronto-based vocalist Preet Mani featuring music by the Canadian hotshot Harj Nagra. The track encompasses a ‘feel-good’ bhangra vibe and is the first time Preet has vocalled a track of this kind. The lyrics are penned by Canadian-lyricist Gursewak Dhillon who has written songs for the likes of Jazzy B and projects of his own, including the popular song ‘Gangster Scene’. The video for the track was shot in Toronto, and will be hitting your screens via the new Hitman Music YouTube channel very soon. Until then, enjoy the audio from November 27th.

Stay tuned for new music, visuals and artists being launched from Hitman Music momentarily.

“I’m excited for the launch of Hitman Music as it allows me to provide a platform for new and established artists to showcase their skills in music and media. It’s a platform that will allow creative freedom and support for artists to push their talent to the masses. There’s many projects ready to be released and now that our new platform is ready, there is no time like the present.”
– Harj Nagra

The new single ‘Addi’ is set to release all digital platforms on Monday, November 27th.