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Punjabi singer and music director Hans Mann gives fans a reinvention with ‘U+i’

Hans Mann showcased this new single ‘You and I’ this week, in preparation for the release of his upcoming EP digital album

Listeners will recall Hans Mann from his well reputed folk releases from years past, including ‘Muchh Jatt Di,’ and his pivotal role in the initial success of international Bhangra sensation Deep Jandu. Hans produced Deep’s first hit, ‘Sheran Naal Yaari,’ and executive produced his debut album ‘Nach’.

Hans was born in Chandigarh, India raised in Toronto, Ontario, but now calls Calgary Alberta home. The stunning new music video for ‘U+i’ was shot on location in and around both cities. Featuring lush landscape visuals from both Banff and Drumheller, Hans says that ‘the video captures my respect for both cities that helped grow me into the musician I am today. Yet, I can’t help but feel torn between them from time to time. This video helped me reconcile that feeling by proving to myself that I can let both places be a part of my musical identity.’

Hans is a classically trained Indian musician, who still has no trouble producing tracks for modern singers at the same time. This versatility shows itself in the eclectic composition of this new single. Be sure to check out the video for ‘U+i’ being released independently on all digital download platforms.