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Our Mission

The Vietnamese community has many individual groups and each group has their own active members of all ages. Our aim is to promote the solidarity and cultural pride of the Vietnamese people in Calgary through our Sunday morning show, which broadcasts Vietnamese music, news (world, national, local), special guest/interviews, story time, youth corner. We also promote local businesses and non-profit Vietnamese Canadian organizations.

Tuyet Lam is the co-founder of program Vietnamese Canadian Rockies, Calgary Edition.

She moved to Canada in 1983 as a Vietnamese refugee from a war-torn country, she always wanted to dedicate herself to the Vietnamese community of Calgary.
For over thirty years, Tuyet has served as a volunteer and pioneer in supporting the integration of refugees and immigrants in Calgary and in the education of health and wellness for new Canadians.

Since her involvement with the Calgary Vietnamese Canadian Association, she has tirelessly assisted community members in accessing local resources to meet their needs for health, employment, and social services.

Hau Chung was born in Viet-Nam and escaped by boat in 1979 to Malaysia. She reached Brooks, Alberta (Canada) in 1980.

She attended Brooks Composite High School and graduated in the year of 1985. After settling her family, she studied Business Administration at the Medicine Hat College and graduated in 1995.

Hau has been involved in the Calgary community in different ways, as a parent volunteer at Foundations for the Future Charter Academy School in 2002, a voluntary treasurer for the Calgary Vietnamese School Association and a voluntary fundraiser in many events such as: Fort McMurray (2016), Flood Relief for Viet-Nam (2017), Vietnamese War Amps (yearly).
Besides this, she has also dedicated her time to prepare and read news every week at RED FM since 2014.

Duyen Lam immigrated to Canada from Vietnam in 1997.

Currently, she is a Grade1 Vietnamese teacher at the Calgary Vietnamese School Association. Building community capacity and empowering youth are two of her core passions. Besides this, since 2014 she has also dedicated her time to prepare and read news in the Vietnamese language every Sunday morning on RED FM.