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RED FM is proud to present our Russian Program “Samovar”

Alexander and Iana are the hosts of RED FM’s Russian show.  We recently had a chance to speak with them about themselves and their show. 


Who are you guys and where are you from?

The hosts of the Samovar-show are Alexander and Iana Best.

Iana is from Moscow and came to Canada in 2002.


How did you guys end up in Calgary?

Calgary was an easy choice!  Calgarians are friendly, the mountains are close, hockey is huge, there are jobs and the taxes are low. There is also 10 days of Stampede fun every year!


Tell us about the Russian community in Calgary.

The Russian community in Calgary is quite sizable and vibrant. There are lots immigrants from all over Russia and the former Soviet Union. Russians love to get together, to celebrate holidays, to sing, dance and have fun. In Calgary, there are many Russian groups, organizations and individuals that try very hard to preserve our Russian culture, roots, language, and teach the kids about their homeland.


What is your media background?

Iana has an indirect media background. She is a professional interpreter, and an actress in the Russian Theatre Calgary. She still performs a lot in Russian communities within Calgary. She also writes articles for the Russian newspaper ‘Koleso’, for various websites and has just started experimenting with script writing.


What can we expect to hear on your show every week?

Since our show is on Saturday mornings, our main goal is to entertain a lot and educate a little. We want our listeners to start their weekend with an easy listening show, with smiles and laughter, while receiving positive information. We talk about what’s going on in Calgary and what’s going on in the Russian community. Every week we do movie reviews, share healthy recipes, talk about holidays and discuss various subjects. We invite Russian-speaking guests who talk about their line of work or their hobbies, for example artists, actors, writers, sportsmen, scientists etc. We play Russian popular music of course too!  We want our show to have its own unique voice, and every Saturday we do our best to make it happen.


Is there anything else that you want to tell us?

Even though we are Russian speaking and try to protect our Russian culture and language, we are very open to other cultures and the people of Calgary. We consider ourselves to be true Calgarians, and not only observe, but actively participate in Calgary’s dynamic life.