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RED FM Multicultural Idol 2018

9 amazing singers will compete at RED FM Multicultural IDOL 2018, 3 from each language category!

Join us on August 10th to find out who will become the RED FM Multicultural IDOL winner in the Filipino, Arabic and Spanish categories!

August 10, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Bella Concert Hall
4825 Mt Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB T3E 6K6

Show at 6:00 PM SHARP!
(Anticipated show length is 90 mins)

For more information, call 403-286-1010

RED FM is proud to present our fifth annual RED FM Multicultural IDOL, featuring local singers from the Spanish, Filipino and Arabic communities in Calgary. One singer from each language category will be crowned the “RED FM Multicultural IDOL”, will win prizes, and will be supported by RED FM to record and promote themselves throughout the year.



Friday, 20  July 2018
6pm – 9pm
RED FM Studio

Saturday, 21 July 2018
2pm – 6pm
RED FM Studio

Friday, 27 July 2018
6pm – 9pm
RED FM Studio


Listen to RED FM during the show featuring your language category for details:

Wednesdays from 10PM-12AM

Thursdays from 10PM-12AM

Mondays from 10PM-12AM



Each language category will host an “open call”. This is where you come in and show us what you’ve got for a chance to sing in the next round on-air. Of the people given an opportunity to come on-air and sing, 3 singers will then be invited to compete live at the show on August 10th. Of the 3 singers that compete at RED FM MULTICULTURAL IDOL, one will be crowned the winner in each language category. There will be 3 RED FM MULTICULTURAL IDOLS!

Each language group will host their own open calls which will start after immidiately. Please listen to your distinct language show for more information about the time and location of the open calls. At the open calls, you will be expected to sing for up to 2 minutes with or without music. If you choose to have music, you must supply all instruments or equipment necessary for the judges to hear the music. (Most people sing at the open calls with no music accompaniment) Those who impress the judges the most at the open calls will then be invited to compete live on-air.

If you are given an opportunity to sing live on air, you must do so during the show that represents the language you are singing in. (See schedule above) 3 finalists will be selected from those who sing/compete on-air, those finalists will compete at the final event on Aug 10th. On-air round judging will be subject to the same criteria from one singer to the next and from one language to the next. (Judging criteria outlined below)

3 finalists from each language category will compete with each other at RED FM MULTICULTURAL IDOL. Singers representing different languages do not compete against each other but only with the other singers in their defined language category. For Example:

Round 1 – 3 Arabic singers will sing for 2 minutes, one after another


3 Filipino singers will sing for 2 minutes, one after another


3 Spanish singers will sing for 2 minutes, one after another

After all 9 singers have sang, they will all be brought out onto the stage and 2 singers from each language category will be announced as “moving into the next round”

Round 2 – 2 Filipino singers will sing for 2 minutes, one after another


2 Spanish singers will sing for 2 minutes, one after another


2 Arabic singers will sing for 2 minutes, one after another

After all 6 singers have sang, they will all be brought out onto the stage and 1 winner will be announced from each language category. Those 3 singers will be the RED FM MULTICULTURAL IDOL in their respective language categories.



Prizes will be given to all 9 singers at the event. The winner in each category could also receive vocal lessons, a photo shoot, a website, studio/recording time, music publishing, CD Printing (if desired) and promotional backing throughout the year, all funded by RED FM.


To compete in RED FM MULTICULTURAL IDOL you must:

  • Be 18 years of age by August 10th, 2018
  • Be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • You must be able to sing in your language category (English is not permitted)
  • You must supply your own music to sing along with at the event (3 min. max)


Each language category will have 1 designated judge who will score each singer based on a specific criteria during each portion of the contest. At the final event, all 3 judges from each language category will judge all of the singers together. Only the judge representing the language category that is singing will judge pronunciation. Judges scoring singers from a different language category will omit the pronunciation category but will score the singers on all other categories the same. All scores will be tallied during each round for each singer, which will determine who moves forward and who does not.


Voice – 25 Points
Pronunciation – 10 Points
Stage Presentation – 10 Points
Judges’ Discretion – 5 Points