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Sur Punjab De

ON AIR: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

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RED FM Presents “Vanakkam Calgary”, Every Sunday 8-9PM

Vanakkam Calgary or “Hello Calgary” is all about bringing together the Tamil fraternity in the city.

The Tamil listenership in Calgary is growing every day. On Vanakkam Calgary, we discuss topics that affect the Tamil community – from entertainment to social issues, promoting Calgary based events and cultural activities. The idea is to give our listeners, a slice of their hometown in Calgary, while staying fiercely local.

Vanakkam Calgary, every Sunday 8-9pm on RED FM.

About our hosts:

Vaishnavi Sadagopan is an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering graduate from University of Madras, India.

Vaishnavi worked as a Systems Engineer in India and Singapore before moving to Calgary, Canada in 2008.

At a very young age Vaishnavi learned Indian Classical music and was an active participant in school and college music festivals.

Apart from being a busy mother of a 10 year old son and 4 year old daughter, she Emcee’s cultural events and is currently an active volunteer in a Calgary based Religious/Cultural society.

Producing and hosting the show for Vanakkam Calgary, Red FM is a learning process and is a relatively new field for Vaishnavi. It gives her immense pleasure to be in Media and making people to stay connected in the community.

Vaishnavi is currently a homemaker and lives in the neighbourhood of Nolan Hill with her husband and kids.

Aishwarya Srinivasan holds a Masters degree in Communication from Madras University in India.

Before moving to Canada, Aishwarya worked as a freelance journalist and was a contributing writer for some of India’s leading publications.
Aishwarya’s passion for radio and voice recording started in her undergrad years. As a Journalism scholar, Aishwarya hosted a show for her college FM radio station.

She has also worked as a voice artist for an independent music album.

Aishwarya moved to Calgary in 2011, worked as an independent freelance editor and worked on novels and several other publications before graduating from a Public Relations course with Mount Royal University, Calgary. After a brief stint as an online journalist for www.fametelevision.ca, she worked as a Communications Coordinator for one of Calgary’s leading oil & gas giants.

“My experience as a journalist showed me how important it is for communities to stay intact and interact with each other. As a host/producer of a radio show, it helps me to build that bridge within the Tamil fraternity in Calgary to help people come together and stay intact.”

When she is not wielding the mic or the pen, you will see her keeping her 18-month old son busy.

Aishwarya is also a voracious reader, and thoroughly enjoys her time cooking in the kitchen.

Aishwarya lives in Chapparal with her husband and her son.