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Roshni – RED FM’s Afternoon Talk Show

We had the opportunity to sit down with the host of RED FM’s afternoon talk show Gurpreet to ask her about her show and to tell us a little bit about herself.  The following is our conversation:


Tell us about Roshni, what is the show about?

In English, the definition of the word “Roshni” means illumination or the bringing of light, and that idea represents the basic concept of the show. The show is about everyone: women, men, children and family.  On Roshni, we also discuss culture, values, memories, health, lifestyle and social issues.

We always try to bring awareness to our listeners about a large variety of topics.  Listeners are able to interact by calling in during the show and speaking on-air.  We also have expert guests who join us to help everyone reach a better level of understanding of the topics at hand.  We always promote Canada and Canadian society while keeping our ethnic roots intact.


Tell us about yourself.  What is your media background?

I started my professional pursuit in university, completing my Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. My first broadcasting job was with All India Radio, in Jalandhar, India in 2003.I also began teaching as an Assistant Professor in college and started working as Television presenter on DD Punjabi, in Jalandhar as well.

In 2010, I was declared the Best Radio host in the “morning show category” at the 11th International Radio Festival held in Iran.  Over 100 radio stations participated in that event from 32 countries, so I was truly blessed.  With that said, the reality is that there is no bigger reward than when listeners tell you that they appreciate your work. I am always trying to improve what I do so that I can bring a smile to the many faces of our listeners.


Tell us about a memorable show that you’ve hosted.

I have hosted a variety of programs since I started in radio. Every show is close to my heart but as far as “my most memorable show” goes, it might the first time I hosted Roshni. The topic was “Do you live in the present or you are futuristic?”


Do you have anything to say in closing?

I would have to say that the love we receive from Calgarians is truly special. It is only with your appreciation, criticism and feedback that we can make Roshni into a more relevant and appealing show. My message would be that “whatever you do, do it with zeal, optimism and honesty.  Then excellence will surely come to you”.

Enjoy every bit of what you do.