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Sajna | Ravi J ft.TBM


Tej Brar Music is proud to present yet again another brand-new debut single “Sajna” featuring Ludhiana’s up and coming vocalist Ravi J and Vancouver’s favorite DJ and music producer TBM!

Sajna a song written and sung for all the lovers in the world. Ravi J serenating our ears and heart to a beautiful romance song written by Jang Dhillon. Jang Dhillon methodically placed each word together to help create Sajna, which was composed and mixed by Tej Brar (TBM). Sajna first came together in Kunjerwal, Ludhiana where Ravi J and TBM initially met for the first time. Post production of this song was polished back in Vancouver, Canada in TBM’s very own studio.

TBM also known as Tej Brar Music was born and raised in the heart of Vancouver BC, Canada. Tej’s love for music came at an early age when he first picked up his first percussion instrument, the dhol (Indian folk drum). He instantly became infatuated with the sound and ability to control the rhythm, which sparked his interest to DJ & produce his own music. Tej is a self-taught artist who continues to grow his music portfolio by surrounding himself with musically inclined, like-minded individuals, it gives him the opportunity to expand his knowledge and grow his brand.

Ravinder Jassal better known as Ravi J, is a young and ambitious vocalist who currently resides in Ludhiana, Punjab. Ravi was born and into a small family, a family with not much money and resources but a wealth of love amongst one another. His love for music started at an early age at which point he instantly gained the support from his loved ones. Although Sajna is Ravi J’s first debut single however, he is no stranger to the music industry. Ravi has performed at many events and competitions through his high-school and college years, and is now ready to share his voice for the entire world to enjoy.

The highly anticipated single “Sajna” will be released on all major platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and all other major platforms on October 21st 2018.