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Salaam Namaste and Sanjh Na Rang with Seema Gilani – Saturdays 6-7PM & 7-8PM

We asked RED FM host Seema Gilani about the shows she hosts. “Salaam Namaste” and “Sanjh Na Rang”

Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about Sanjh Na Rang:

Saanjh Na Raang, meaning “Colours of the Evening”, is a Gujarati show that tries to encapsulate all of the different parts of the Gujarati community. I play ghazals, poetry, Raas Garba and filmi and non-filmi songs in order to cater to all tastes. The goal of my program is to transport the audience back to their roots. Another important aspect of the show is to deliver community related news, as well as celebrate holidays for the Gujarati people.

To all the people who listen to the show, “Halo re halo mara saathe chalo” (come join me – let’s walk together).

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I belong to a Gujarati family and grew up listening to Gujarati music, which is why I am so passionate and knowledgeable about it. My passion has translated to an 18-year career on the radio and I’m proud to say I started right here in Calgary.  I started out in quite an unorthodox way where I co-hosted a program about “yesteryear” songs, with very little experience. After a few years I moved on to Sur Sangam Radio where I hosted the critically acclaimed show, “Antakshari”. At Sur Sangam I had the opportunity to interview various musical and political personalities, including Mayor Nenshi. I have been with RED FM Calgary since its official launch as the host of Saanjh Na Rang.

Tell us about “Salaam Namaste Sat Sri Akaal”

This is a Hindi request show where listeners are able to call in to request music in order to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, or to simply just enjoy a song. I also improvise poetry, jokes and quotes in order to fit the requested song, which adds more depth and a better overall experience for the listeners. I also enjoy talking with the members of the community about their experiences and memories that are linked with the songs, which helps to create a bond between the listeners, callers, and myself.

“The rhythm is for you but the song is for me, the meaning might be secret but the melody is free.” I was fortunate enough to present Salaam Namaste Sat Sri Akaal on the launch day of RED FM Calgary.

I hope you enjoy these shows!