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Sun Zara with Amarjit Rakhra

Every Sunday on RED FM

We had an opportunity to sit down with Amarjit Rakhra, host of Sun Zara to ask him about the show and to tell us about himself.  The following is our conversation:


Tell us about Sun Zara, what is the show about?

Sun Zara, literally translated to ‘Hey Listen’ and broadcasts every Sunday evening from 6-8 pm on Red FM 106.7. The show promises everything from soulful Bollywood tracks, mesmerizing Ghazals to retro hits.  Sun Zara weaves together a musical journey that’s sure to invigorate you, and help you end your week with a renewed spirit.


Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Dehradun and I came from a musical family. I started singing at 8, and received basic music training from my mother Charanjeet, however my musical education further continued at Sarasvati Kala Kendra in Dehradun.  In addition to singing, I can play congas, drums and the harmonica, thus music has always been an intrinsic part of my life.

Music is my biggest passion and my family is now also an integral part of my love affair with music. My wife Anita, who has always supported me in my musical endeavors, also sings with me, and my two boys Shubum and Shubraj are also musically inclined. Shubum plays the saxophone and Shubraj plays the guitar, together we call ourselves the Rakhra Band! Other than music, I also enjoy photography.


What is your media background?

I was also involved with a local Cable TV station in Dehradoon and worked as a TV News Anchor for 20 years. I’ve had the opportunity of interviewing many famous Bollywood personalities including the legendary Ghazal King Jagjit Singh Ji.  I have been with RED FM Calgary since the official launch as host of the show.


Do you have anything to say in closing?

Dedicate your life to your passion. Music is my passion, and I dedicate my life to it. Music is life. Music is love.