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Yaariyan | Inder Singh Ft.TBM | Kris Thind Tribute

Tej Brar Music is proud to present yet again another brand-new single “Yaariyan” featuring Ludhiana’s very own Inder Singh, and Vancouver’s favorite DJ and music producer TBM!

This project was near and dear to our hearts because we lost our brother to a heinous and violent crime. Kris Thind, 23 years old was stabbed and killed while working at Cabana Night Club trying to stop a large-scale fight from irrupting on January 27, 2018. In the process, Kris was stabbed directly in the chest and soon after succumbed to his injuries en route to hospital.

Kris is an individual you cannot imitated and or replaced. He truly touched everyone in his path, with his life size personality and his unforgettable laugh. Words cannot describe the pain and hurt we all feel living life without him. We can only hope justice is served and the person/persons involved are brought to justice for their shameful behaviours. As a son, brother, uncle, friend and co-worker Kris will be forever missed for the years to come. #JusticeforKris

TBM also known as Tej Brar Music was born and raised in the heart of Vancouver BC, Canada. Tej’s love for music came at an early age when he first picked up his first percussion instrument, the dhol (Indian folk drum). He instantly became infatuated with the sound and ability to control the rhythm, which sparked his interest to DJ & produce his own music. Tej is a self-taught artist who continues to grow his music portfolio by surrounding himself with musically inclined, like-minded individuals, it gives him the opportunity to expand his knowledge and grow his brand. TBM first had a run in with Kris when he was introduced to him by Andrew Kochhar at his studio. The brotherhood between the two was instant, TBM’s musical flare and Kris’ love for music built an unbreakable bond. The music in “Yaariyan” was being produced the first time the two had met. Kris instantly fell in love with the beat and requested to listen to the music every time the two met. The original song was never released because TBM flew to India to complete other projects and to attend a mutual friend’s wedding. Kris was expected to arrive in India on January 29th, 2018 but 2 days prior, news had spread of Kris’ passing. It was then when TBM and Inder Singh teamed up together to bring “Yaariyan” to life to commemorate Kris’ life.

Inder Singh known vocalist and lyricist from Ludhiana, Punjab knew Kris only through social media and was anticipating to meet him for the first time at Andrew’s wedding. Kris’ death was extremely moving for Inder Singh because his bond with Kris grew into more than just a social media friendship but grew into a brotherhood which could not be replaced. Inder Singh
has made plenty of music with TBM, but this project was one of the most memorable to date because of his true friendship with Kris. The loss of Kris was held at the same regard of losing a family member. Inder and TBM began their work together preparing the lyrics and music in hopes of showcasing to the world what true brotherhood really meant and created “Yaariyan”.

The tribute single “Yaariyan” will be released on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and all other major platforms on January 27th, 2019 which marks Kris Thind’s death
anniversary. This single was funded and prepared by all of Kris’ close friends and family.