‘Naam Simran’ Out Now

This meditation track, is a soothing track, which takes you away from your daily struggles. With everyone, going through a struggle. Luv & Hunterz teamed up to make something, that will help everyone. Luv Randhawa states, “Meditation & Seva, go hand in hand. We all as humans, struggle in our daily lives, from the Pandemic, Stress, and to thinking about the less fortunate and our Kisan Farmers in India. We need to keep our Mental Health in check. I decided, that this will be a free download, and I encourage everyone to donate what they can to, Khalsa Aid, as they help Humanity, no race, no color and no religion. This charity organization means a lot to me, and every penny helps, taking care and providing for people in need.”

This is a dream project for Luv Randhawa, and he would like to thank, everyone for there Seva, they all worked so hard, for free and to make his project a reality. So appreciative! Hunterz, LostRocket, Deepa Virdee, Gurpreet Siani, Simply Bhangra, UK Bhangra Awards, Eric, Mosher, Warehouse Studios and All Media / TV / Radio / Socials and websites … We all can make a difference … together! ~Luv